Let’s talk about what our Listening Room is….
Our Listening Room is a ticketed live music venue where the patrons are respectful of the artists and fellow attendees by refraining from loud irrelevant conversations while artists are performing. Does not matter what style of music is being performed-singer/songwriters or rock bands.

We have several genres of music represented by the artists we are booking….so every show won’t be seated. We will be flexible and take into account our ticket holders when we set up the space. There will always be some chairs for folks who don’t want to (or can’t) stand the entire time, with the floor in front of the stage open.…for rock bands, for example. We want folks to be comfortable and enjoy the show!

There is no smoking or vaping inside our room. There is a designated area out back for smoking.

No outside food or beverages are allowed.

There is no re-entry. Once you are checked in, you cannot leave (except to smoke) and expect to re-enter the room.

Our shows are all-ages. We simply ask you to use discretion when bringing your kids.

We are NOT a bar with background music.

We ARE a live music venue that has a bar.

The music is the focus.
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Owners - Sean & Carla Bass

Music has been a common theme throughout our lives and relationship and we still have a passion for music and a love for people today. We really wanted to be able to bring these 2 things together in a unique experience. We hope you will come see us sometime and check out what Bird’s Nest is all about. We want to make people feel welcome whether you are an artist who is playing or you are attending a show for the first time or the 100th time, we hope you’ll enjoy your time at Bird’s Nest.
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